Memorial Day Schedule:  
Regular classes Friday and Saturday Both Gyms
On Monday Classes only in Eureka at 9 & Noon Open Gym From 10-Noon
Arcata Will Be Closed Monday May 25th 


NEW HCF Bootycamp!!

A 13 week program designed to get you summer ready.

Bootycamps are fun, Crossfit based classes, but will more specifically target abdominal and glute sculpting movements in EVERY class. 

Best of all it is FREE to all of our members!!

Have a friend who is looking to get ready for the summer or a wedding, and they aren't a HCF member? We are offering an affordable Bootycamp exclusive membership.  So bring your friends!!  

Classes will start March 23rd and run through June 20th.  

Try Your First Booty Camp Class FREE!

 The schedule for both gyms are:

Eureka: Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm

Arcata: Monday and Wednesday 9:30am

Thursday 6:30pm

Saturday 11:30am

Give us a call if you aren't a HCF member and are interested in signing up for  Bootycamp. We allow drop-ins for these specific classes. 

*Lastly, stay tuned for more new HCF happenings coming in the near future! 


Humboldt Crossfit Classes 

FREE Intro Classes EVERY Saturday @ 9:30am!! (Both Locations)


Two great locations to serve you!! 

550 South G Street - Arcata - Suite 26 & 27


1725 Tomlinson St. -  Eureka 


Ready to get started today? 
There are many ways to join Humboldt CrossFit. Schedule a FREE ASSESMENT TODAY at the above email or call 707-444-8888




Open Gym at both locations from 9am - 1 and again from 4:30 - 6:30

There is also a bootcamp class in Arcata at 6:30pm!

Come check out a class, or make up a WOD you missed, or get some extra lifting in!!

In Teams of two alternating movements, teamates will each complete the following rep rounds of
Kb Swings
Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
Run 100m together

so the first round will look like this
Partner A: KB Swing x 20
Partner B: Kb Swing x 20
Partner A: Ab mat x 20
Partner B: Ab mat x 20
Partner A: Air Squat x 20
PArtner B: Air Squat x 20
Partner A&B: Run 100m 



A. Four Rounds of
Strict or assisted Pull-Up x 4-6 reps
rest 45 seconds
Russian Step-ups x 10 per leg
rest 45 seconds
plank from elbows 60-90 seconds
rest 45 seconds 

B. For time
Run 400m
Pull-Up x 10
Push-Up x 15
WallBall x 20
Row x 500m
WallBall x 20
Push-Up x 15
Pull-Up x 10
Run 400m 

A. Four or Five sets of
Weighted Pull-Ups x 3-5 reps 
rest 60 seconds
Weighted Dips x 3-5 reps
rest 60 seconds

B. For Time
Run 400m
Muscle-Up x 5 
HSPU x 10
WallBall x 20
Push-Up x 40
WallBall x20
HSPU x 10
Muscle-up x 5
Run 400m

RX2 Scaled
Run 400m
Ring Dip x 15 reps
HSPU x 10
WallBall x 20
Push-Up x 40
Wallball x 20
HSPU x 10
Pull-up x 15
Run 400m 

A. EMOTOM for 16 minutes
  Minute 1 - Nasties (or reverse lunges) x max reps in :30
  Minute 2 - Ab Mat sit-ups x max reps in :30
  Minute 3 - Goat Bag Swing x max reps in :30
  Minute 4 - Run 100m 

B. Four sets of
  Glute Hip Bridge x 10 reps
  Sumo Deadlift x 10 reps (barbell or kettlebell)
  Russian twist x 20 taps





So proud of the representation that Will provided this weekend at the the California Regional.  With a third and seventh place finish in two of the workouts he clearly was a factor this weekend.  Hours of training, and years of dedication have all added up to Humboldt CrossFit being repped on the biggest stage in California CrossFit, and we could not be more proud.  It takes everything to get to that level, and I know it makes us all feel good to see him be as successful as he has been.  Great job Will!! 

Three or Four rounds of
Front Squat x 4-6 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Row for max Calories x :30
rest 2-3 minutes

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes of
KB Swing x 15
Burpee Box Jump Over x 1
Ab Mat- Sit-Up x 15
Burpee Box Jump Over x 1

Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy Squat Clean 

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes of
Cluster x 8 (95/65#)
Burpee Box Jump Over x 1 (30/24")
Double Under x 30
Burpee Box Jump Over x 1 



Happy Memorial Day

The Eureka gym will be open for 9am and noon classes today.

Arcata will be closed.

Its memorial day murph.

Run 1 mile
Pull-Up x 100
Push-Up x 200
Air Squat x 300
Run 1 mile

you may partition the reps however you like.  If you have a vest wear it!




Will is ready to throw it down for HCF today at the California Super Regional!!  You can check out the action on the CrossFit games site. He'll be in the second heat competing at 12:40 and 2:00 on Friday!! Should be exciting, we'll be checking it out at the Eureka Gym (probably Arcata too!)  So come get your wod on, and check out the action.

Five Rounds for time of
DB Ground to Overhead x 10
Run 250m 

Five Rounds for time of
Ground To Overhead x 10 (135/95#)
Run 400m 

Could not be more proud of the effort and dedication Will puts into his training.  You will not find a harder working athlete in the sport of CrossFit.  There is no doubt in my mind that he will put in a full effort this weekend, and make all of us at HCF proud to call him our coach.  Please tune in to check him out all weekend on!  You can see what is possible with hardwork, dedication, determination and belief!!  Show them what we're made of buddy!!! We're pulling for you, and we love you!!