Schedule Change

Beginning Monday June 15 for the summer the 8:30 & 9:30AM CrossFit Classes in Eureka will become just one 9:00AM class


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Our NEW all inclusive fitness class for all levels of fitness!  Taking over for Bootycamp, this class is going to hit the cardio hard for all levels of fitness!  Come and check it out, bring a friend!!


Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm

Monday and Wednesday 9:30am
Thursday 6:30pm
Saturday 11:30am

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Three sets of 
Singe Leg Deadlift x 6-8 reps per leg
rest 45 seconds
Russian KB Swings x 15 reps
rest 45 seconds
Bottom Up KB Walk x 25 yards per arm
rest 45 seconds
Tempo Jumping or Strict Pull-up @20x1 x 6-8 reps
rest 45 seconds

no bands on the pull-ups if you are using rings!

Ever 6 minutes for 18 minutes (3 sets)
Run 400m
Sit-Up x 20 (no mat)
Box Jump Over x 15
Push-Up x 10

Every 2 minutes and 30 seconds for 20 minutes (8 sets)
Halting Snatch Deadlift (3 second pause at mid thigh) +
Snatch High Pull +
Snatch (from ground) +
Hang Snatch (knee)

Every 6 minutes for 18 minutes (3 sets)
Run 400m
Overhead Squat x 12 (135/95#)
Chest to Bar Pull-Up x 12
Box Jump Over x 12 (24/20") 



Four sets of
Front Squat x 6-8 reps @ 30x1
rest 45 seconds
DB Bench Press x 8-10 Reps @ 20x1
rest 45 seconds
Med-Ball Hamstring Curls x 12 Reps @2121
rest 60 seconds

Kettlebell Swing x 12
Goblet Squat x 9
Burpee x 6  
Rest 2 Minutes
For Time Row 1500M 


In 10 minutes or 10 Reps or Less Build to todays heavy Front Squat. . . 10 Minutes ONLY!!

Three Sets of:
Pause Front Squat x 3 reps @ 75-80% of todays heavy Single
Rest 2-3 minutes no more!

*Pause 3 seconds at bottom position of squat. No bounce out of squat. Focus on upright torso and tight core.


5 Rounds for time of
Deadlift x 12 (155/105#)
Hang Clean x 9
Shoulder to Overhead x 6 
Rest 2 Minutes 
For Time: Row 1500M  



Three or four rounds of
Good Morning x 8 - 10 @3011
rest 60 seconds
One Are Dumbbell Row x 10 per arm @20x1
rest 60 seconds
Plank x 60 - 90 seconds
rest 60 seconds

In teams of 3, with one working, one running a 250m run and one resting teams will complete 
Kettlebell swings x 150
Push up x 150
Ab Mat x 150  
Air Squat x 150

teamates will switch stations whenever the runner complete their 250m 



6.24.15 Wednesday

A. For Time
Mile Run 

B.  Tabata This
8 rounds of each movement, :20 on :10 off.  1 minute between movements of 
Mountain Climber
Plank from elbows
Nastie/reverse Lunge
Double Under/Jump Rope

C.  Three Rounds not for time of
Russian Twist x 20
Ab Mat sit-up x 20

A.  For time
Mile Run

B.  Tabata That
8 rounds of each movement,
:20 on, :10 off. 1 minute between movements of
Deadlift (185/135#)
Ring Row
Front Squat (135/95#)
Double Unders 

C.  Accumulate 50 GHD sit-ups (if this is your first time doing GHD's stop at 30) 



6.23.15  Tuesday


A.  Four Rounds of 
Overhead Walking Lunge x 10 steps hold a plate overhead
Ground to Overhead with your plate x 10 reps
Plate burpee x 10 reps
rest 2 minutes

B. AMRAP in 15 minutes of
DB Ground To Overhead x 10 reps
Pull-Up x 10 reps
Run 200m 



A. Option 1 
Snatch Complex Cycle week 2
Every two minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
High Hang Snatch + Mid Thigh Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat

A. Option 2
Every two minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
Over Head Squat x 3 Reps (build by feel) 
Take the bar from the ground or from the rack. 

Programming Note* The specifics of today's snatch need to be as follows; all snatches will be from the hang, meaning they will start with the bar hanging between the hips and knees.  They will be full snatches meaning that they will be received in the overhead squat position.   
If you struggle with the overhead squat position then you may snatch the bar and ride it  down as deep into the over head squat position as possible.  If this describes you please attempt to get down to at least a half squat. If you keep pushing yourself deeper you will eventually get there.   
In this cycle idealy you will keep the weight light enough that you can quickly pull the bar from the hang position into the overhead squat. If it feels good and your coach gives you the OK the go ahead and build slowly in weight.  If the lift feels sloppy then stay at that weight until it feels better before adding weight.  Keep note of the weights you use and try to improve a little each week 

If you still need to work on overhead squat technique or strength then please choose option 2 for the next few weeks to get your movement cleaned up, then jump back in on the snatch cycle.  This cycle will last 6 weeks. The focus will be to greatly to improve technique and less about hitting new PR's.

B.  For time 
10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1  rep rounds of
Overhead Squat (135/95#)
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups